Letters Deceptively Solicit High Fees For State Filing

Over the past few weeks, Nevada-based Corporate Controllers Unit, Inc. ("CCU") has been engaged in a mail solicitation scam regarding Colorado Secretary of State filing fees.  CCU has sent thousands of letters to Colorado addresses, each of which claims a $225.00 "annual fee" is due for filing a company's periodic report with the state.  The letter has generated confusion among business owners because it looks like an official government document.  Its reliability is bolstered by citations to Colorado law, intimidating terms such as "noncompliant" and "delinquent," and a logo resembling a government seal.  Despite these misleading apparent marks of credibility, CCU has no authority to solicit fees on behalf of any government agency. 

Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler issued a warning Monday regarding CCU's deceptive mail solicitations.  Secretary Gessler reminded business owners that although the state does require most entities to file periodic reports annually, the cost for most businesses is only $10.00.  You can find additional information on this issue at the Colorado Secretary of State's website

IRS Begins Issuing Regulations Under PPACA

The Internal Revenue Service has begun issuing regulations implementing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), the federal health reform law.  You can expect to see new regulations under the law coming out monthly for the remainder of the year.  At a recent speech to the American Health Lawyers Association, a spokesperson for CMS said that HHS is presently drafting 18 sets of new regulations that have to be in effect duri ng 2010, compared to its normal output of 2 - 3 sets.

The IRS's first rules relate to extending dependent coverage under a parent's health insurance to include children up to age 26.

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Interesting health care websites

Forbes magazine recently had a column on useful health care blogs and websites.  These should help your understanding of the current trends and concerns of physicians and others in the health care sector.